Firestorm Armada Vs Full Thrust: The Internet Decides!

So a while back I wrote a post suggesting that I, the humble gamer, prefer playing the upstart and simple Firestorm Armada over the venerable and more complicated Full Thrust. Anyone would have thought I had taken a dump in the leader of the New Anglian Confederation’s hat! Looking at the fanboy / nerdrage responses from both sides over the last few days I am obviously in no position to make a judgement of such significance!

So it’s over to the Interwebs to decide.

We’ll even play a 6InchMove celebratory round of which ever game is the victor… so get your votes in. Polling closes in a week!

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4 thoughts on “Firestorm Armada Vs Full Thrust: The Internet Decides!”

  1. I’m on the side of balanced informed reviews. yours was neither thats why you copped a caning for it.

    to call FT complex is to display a vast ignorance of starship games systems previously published

    to claim “whimsy” as a defense for shoddy comment, rings decidely hollow given your reaction to and characterization of criticism you’ve received (some sadly not as restrained as this) as “nerdrage”.

  2. Thanks for the comments bob my antipodean reader! I don’t take any of the criticism generated by my post personally, in fact it has all been rather fun.

    It is interesting to note that all of the offensive comments (including the ones we couldn’t publish) were from people with a Full Thrust agenda. I reckon the fact that I came down on the side of Firestorm is what really upset people!

    Yes my post was light hearted, whimsy, unbalanced, even rubbish in hindsight. But I can guarantee that if I had bowed to convention and said that FT was better no-one would have complained in the slightest about it.

    No worries, gaming will be resumed this weekend…

  3. Sigh. And the “argument” continues. What most people who have commented on this decidely tired topic have failed to realise is that the original post was not, and never claimed to be a review. One person’s humble opinion should not be subjected to such outrage! Fanboys (or whatever is in vogue to call this breed) – make your own opinions and defend them if you will, but leave the anarchy to real review websites.

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