How Did You Start Gaming?

After the recent spat of a few short and not gaming related topics I sat here today wondering what to write about to try to bring the snarling beast that is 6 Inch Move back on topic. After sitting here like a lemon, staring at the screen for hours on end. Then, like a starry ray of light an epiphany came my way a topic so amazing in its scope that it is far greater than the few readers we scrape by with day on day.

What I want to know from you, dear readership, is just what got you into tabletop gaming?

For myself I have to cast my mind back almost 20 years. I can remember the day when I was in the Merry Hill shopping centre, Dudley, in the West Midlands of sunny (yeah right), old England. I was out with my parents and my Dad and I went into the Games Workshop there (it’s now a bank, the store has moved to another section of the mall). I can’t remember too much about that particular visit other than we came out of it with a Space Marine Captain for me (shocking how things haven’t changed over the years isn’t it?) I also remember that my Dad didn’t let me paint it, he painted the dude and I managed to smuggle the backpack with cloak away and paint that. From that first initiation I started reading White Dwarf and grabbing models here and there. Once 2nd Ed 40k was released I purchased that and it was my first real foray into miniatures gaming. I’d played Space Crusade with my family but that doesn’t really count I feel (we always made my mom play the bad guys and I took Imperial Fists as they had access to Suspensors so they could move and shoot heavy weapons).

I played with a guy I knew from school every now and again and that was the only real gaming I did. When I was at High School thing quieted down until a club started up during lunchtime and I went along and we played games of Necromunda. The rest really is history.

Although I have gone through periods of gaming drought I have to say that I now have a stand-out group of friends who make my hobby a joy and spending time playing with them is a time that I heartily look forward to and I hope that they feel the same about me. I’ve branched out into more games than just the Games Workshop fare over the years and there is some cracking stuff out there and I think we really are spoilt for choice.

So, Interwebz, how did you get into the hobby?

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  1. Like so many others Space Crusade was my first introduction with war gaming. Ironically it was bought for my brother who showed little-to-no interest in it, but for me I was hooked. I always liked playing the aliens too, something still do. Beyond the models that came with the 2nd edition 40k box, I have never used an Imperial army.

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