ZombiePirate Hacked by Scumbags

Logged into my email today to see two emails from Paypal offering thanks for a transaction to a company called Tagged Inc. This was quite surprising as I have never heard of the company let alone made any payments recently. It was even more amusing when I looked into the transactions to find that each was for $200 (around £130) and was for the nice sum of “400,000 gold”. I’m assuming this is WoW gold in which case I consider that a pretty decent price, however, not impressed with the scumbag who appears to have hacked my account to grab some goldz!

Luckily I had another email from Paypal saying they had detected fraudulent activity on my account and had locked it down for me. I have filed unauthorised transactions against these two and already have one returned, I am hoping that the first of the transactions gets refunded soon too. I’ve changed my password and security questions but am now trying to figure out how the hell they got a copy of my email and password data. I am really very careful about the stuff I do and have anti-virus with anti-spyware to stop this from happening. I also do not go to the dodgy areas of the Internet where Keyloggers reside, I am careful about which sites I choose to visit.

So, this is just a warning to all you out there in cyberspace that even if you are careful you can end up with some scumbag hacking your paypal and trying to get away with almost one million gold for his game of choice. I know there is very little chance of him being apprehended, but as long as I get my money back, I’ll feel appeased.