What is it?

As promised this is my thoughts on the new beasties that have been spawned from the reproductive tubes of the Norn Queens.  I was very surprised by the sheer number of new units available to the Tyranids – 12 in all, excluding a series of legendary creatures (which I will feature another time).  So here are the choices.

Now That’s Just Gross

The first unit I will look at is the Tervigon.  This is a huge, 6 wound monstrous creature, thats also a synapse creature.  It uses up a HQ slot (or a Troops if you include a unit of Termagants) and cost 140 pts.  Its stats line isn’t all that impressive, but its real power is that this beast gives birth to 3D6 Termagants each turn, which I think is both amazing and yet disturbing.  It also possess a series of psychic powers that can really boost units.  I can’t wait to try one out.

Daddy Nid

I mentioned the Tyranid Prime in my last blog.  It’s a nice character model for your Tyranid Warriors and is also your cheap HQ choice if you’re playing a smaller game.  It has an impressive profile and a wide range of weapons/upgrades, but I think its best feature is that it loans its WS and BS to any unit of Tyranid Warriors it joins.  Thats WS6 and BS4 in case you were wondering.

Target Locked

The first of the 3 new Elite units is the Hive Guard.  This unit looks impressive; the models are nice and so is its stat line.  It’s toughness 6, has 2 wounds and a 4+ save; it is also armed with the impaler cannon, and new S8, Assault 2 weapon that doesn’t require a line of sight to shoot at its target.  This being said they are pricey at 50 pts a model.  I do like them though, and can’t wait to try them out.  A heavy ranged infantry unit; something very new to a Tyranid player.

What’s That Smell?

The next unit is the Venomthrope.  This is again a nice model, though I do recommend pinning those lash whip arms (oh and watch out, it is very hard to drill into the arms to make a hole for the pin – take extra care).  The model is still nice though.  This is a support organism whose spore cloud gives all friendly units within 6 inches a 5+ cover save, but also makes them count as having defensive grenades.  Though these things look wimpy, they do have 2A each, lash whips (which makes enemy models I1) and a poisoned attack that wounds on a 2+.

Burn Baby, Burn

The Pyrovore is the last new Elites choice.  Personally I really like this model (even if it does cost £20).  It’s a fire-breathing, acid dripping beastie thats explodes in a ball of flame if you kill it with instant death.  Its flamespurt is an impressive S5 template weapon, whilst its acid maw ignores armour saves.  Suicide runs on Terminators anyone?

Orbital Bombardment

This edition sees the official entry for the Mycetic Spore.  This has been part of Tyranid Lore for years, and is basically a biological drop pod.  Sadly there is no model for it yet (typical), but I do have a few ideas . . .

Fly My Pretties, Fly!!

I suppose these two units don’t really count as new ones, but it is the first time they have their own proper unit slot in the army list; the Shrikes and the Sky-Slashers.  These are winged Warriors (Shrikes) and winged Rippers (Sky-Slashers) with all the expected options.  The other knew fast attack option is in the form of the Harpy.  This is essentailly a monstrous Gargoyle, the half way point between the Gargoyle and the Harridan.  Though it isn’t as tough as the other monstrous creatures it is faster, and with the right options (and a bit of luck) can drop 5 large blast templates on the enemy in a turn!  This is done by firing its main weapons and dropping D3 spores mines once per game.  I really like the sound of this unit, and i’m disappointed that it doesn’t have a model yet, but again I have an idea!

Did The Earth Move For You? Part 2

This has been long awaited.  About a year ago I bought a resin Trygon from Forge World.  It’s a fantastic model, but because it could only be used in an Apocalypse match (and ZombiePirateXXX and Servitob not having armies of sufficient size) I have yet to use it.  But now the Trygon is in the main army list, and has a fantastic plastic kit to go with it.  This monster is impressive, with WS5, W6 and A6 it’s pretty hardcore.  It can deep strike, and when it does, doesn’t suffer from mishaps for landing on enemy models, just move the marker.  Makes sence to me, afterall this thing is huge!  Friendly infantry units that are in reserve can come up through the hole that the Trygon has made too, meaning you can drop your army right on top of the enemy.  You can also upgrade this monster into a Trygon Prime.  Basically a Trygon that is a synapse creature, very useful  if you like using a fast moving assault swarm, that may out run the slower synapse units.

Mawloc or Morlock?

This is probably my favourite of the new units.  Ignoring the coincidental name similarity to the Morlock (a creature in H.G. Wells’ Time Machine that burrowed under the ground, emerged to grab people, then burrowing again), this monster sounds ace.  It doesn’t have the WS or A of the Trygon, but when it deep strikes you place the large blast template down on the spot where it will emerge.  Any enemy models under the template take a S6 AP2 hit!  Any surviving models are moved out of the way of the emerging Mawloc.  What’s better is that this creature can do this more than once, as it can burrow again at any point in its movement phase and reappear in the next turn.  I might have to have more than one of these . . .

And Just When You Thought The Carnifex Was Fat

I think this has to be the fattest monstrous creature in the game, with T6, W6 and a 2+ save the Tyrannofex is a real monster.  It’s designed more for a shooting role than close combat, though it’s hardly a push over.  It has a choice of 3 main weapons – Acid Spray (a template weapon that fires in a similar way to the Hellhound), the Rupture Cannon (a long ranged S10, Assault 2 weapon!) or the Fleshborer Hive (an Assault 20 – yes really – Fleshborer).  It also has two other weapons it can fire – a Stinger Salvo and a Thorax Swarm.  This amounts to a LOT of firepower, but I should hope so for 250 pts.  I like the idea of this unit, but I’m not sure how I feel about the cost.  I prefer to keep units and individual models to less than this, as I feel its ‘too many points in one basket’, but we shall see.  And again there is no model yet for it.

Well those are the new creatures for the Tyranids.  On the whole I really like them, so much so that I already have most of them.  I’m disappointed in GW for not producing models for all of the options, but then they can be good at that.  I’m looking forward to using some of them too, but there’s sooo much choice, which ones do I choose?  Well I’m sure they’ll be a blog about our match on the 30th when we’ll see how they work in game.  Until then, beware the shadows, and prey to the Emperor, for the Great Devourer cometh!