Firestorm Armada – First Impressions

The beginning of this month heralded the release of Spartan Games newest tabletop minis game. This new offering titled “Firestorm Armada” build off the foundation for naval style games laid down with the excellent Uncharted Seas that we’ve mentioned quite often on the blog. It’s certainly a favourite around these parts with our group having representatives for all the fleets currently available. The quick game play and simple rules ensure that it has been enthusiastically received. One could be forgiven therefore for thinking that Firestorm is just Uncharted Seas in space.

I am glad to report that it is far from this, the truth is that the core rules are the same as those used in Uncharted Seas, however, rather than just dump one game in a different setting they have expanded the game for the more futuristic version. The rulebook is bigger than the Uncharted Seas book and packed with more information. Although the ships follow the same kind of themes in terms of Frigates, Cruisers etc… there is also the possibility of having fighter wings and escorts, ships can have shields and have secondary systems to fight off those fighters/bombers/assault boats as well as the ubiquitous long-range Torpedoes that can be the death of you from across the table.

This game isn’t a case of run across the table as fast as you can and unleash all hell, the gun ranges (although using range bands the same as US) mean that things are more effective when you are 8-16″ away and ramming is almost never going to be an option. The terrain can also move across the table as the game goes on and there is a greater tendency for things to go bang on the critical hit table. I’ve ordered a starter fleet and a set of game cards (the cards are again optional as they were in US but there is a generic deck for the game now rather than fleet specific) after having had the rulebook for a few weeks. I must say that once again I am impressed by what has been put out and have seen some online stores sell out of their stock already. I am aware that nBreaker has a fleet waiting for him and therefore once I have my hands on my own stuff we’ll set to chucking some dice at each other and we can put up a more detailed review then, but overall, first impressions are that this is a winner.