Time Loops

OK, so just a quick post today, but this relates to a very interesting article I read only last week. It was about people writing letters to their younger selves, in a kind of time warp fashion. Essentially, what nuggets of wisdom would you give to yourself?

Then I became a father, so it got me thinking what would I tell my younger sidekick? Obviously some pretty important and serious stuff, but this being a gaming blog and all and being in a jovial mood, what gaming lessons you had learned do you think would be important?

1) Don’t mistake six sided D3s for D6s.

“I can’t believe the dice rolling was so bad in that game! I don’t think we rolled a single good dice all game! I didn’t realise a minor skirmish game of Warhammer could take so long to play!”

“Hey mate, where are the 6s on these dice?”

2) Don’t buy a Standard Land Raider, ever.

“Raarrrgh check out the mega twin-linked lascannons on this behemoth! Pew pew! Oh no that flying demon has a really big sword….. Arrrrgggh NOOOO!” Crump.

“Grrrrr time for revenge with my mega all round super armour! Hey! Where did those wimpy Eldar come from? Wimpy Eldar shouldn’t carry big melta guns!!!” Kaboom.

“Right now its time to cause some havoc with my badass assault ramps! Haha outta my way foul Orks! Beep beep! Oi what are you doing with that power klaw?! Not again!!!” Kablam.

3) Don’t substitute models for pieces of paper.

“Hmm so if I move my tank army into the Ukraine I can support with 3 divisions of infantry from… Achooooo! Aww crap, now the entire Wehrmacht is at the north pole or in my Dr Pepper!”

If I can think of any more I will add them in! Feel free to add your own invaluable lessons!

The Almighty Land Raider, Steel Fist of the Space Marines, a nice bit of target practice for everyone else!