The History Of Gaming – M.U.L.E.

Right then! Which one of you spambots remembers M.U.L.E.?????

If you answered yes to the previous question I suspect you are wrong for one of two reasons:

a) It was a VERY long time ago
b) It wasn’t that well known anyway

If you can genuinely say you remember it then you are probably a gaming journalist. If you actually played it then you can give yourself an extra gaming geek sticker to adhere to your anorak. If you actually own it, then you have in your possession a genuine piece of gaming legend and history!

So what was so special about robotic donkeys in space? Well, for its day it was an awesome game. Basically it was a fun colony/economics simulator. But get a load of this: FOUR PLAYERS!!!!!! Yeah you heard me, FOUR FREAKIN’ PLAYERS!!!!!! Wow, just think of it, four players, all at once…

This was groundbreaking, we had had multiplayer games before, but crikey on a moped this was something else! This was in 1983, even before the times of Gauntlet. Not only was it multiplayer, but it wasn’t a conversion from a boardgame. It was an original multiplayer experience on your computer. It was also cooperative, competitive and pvp all at once. Every action you made directly affected everyone else. Gaming had finally crept out of lonely solo play and into the bright lights of being a social hobby.

So next time you get headshotted by some idiot in Call Of Duty for the three millionth time, or some n00bs spawn camp you in Counterstrike, or some max level deathknight whoops your level 32 butt for the twelfth time in World of Warcraft, think back and remember with affection the robotic space donkey that made it all possible!