Theres colour on them there boats!

Q. What is the weather’s favorite past time in England?

A. Raining on us.

Today I wanted to get the Dragon Lords fleet sprayed up nicely and have actually managed to achieve this goal, but the rain did try and disrupt my plans. It was a case of go outside, spray one ship, “Oh crap its starting to rain.” Go inside and wait. “Oh its stopped raining.” Go out spray another model. “Curse you rain!” etc, etc. So after a couple of hours of this joyous battle with the elements this happened…

dragon lords primed

Flower pots and blu-tack made an excellent way of holding these guys in place to spray them, but it still doesn’t stop you spraying your fingers a nice shade of grey.

Once they were given enough time to dry, I managed to make a start on the frigates. I am aiming for a dark brown hull to start with so out of my paints I drew a pot of Vallejo dark flesh tone. Once this was applied to the hull and given chance to dry, I gave them a wash with sepia ink. The (still slightly wet) result looks like this…

Theres colour on them there boats!

dl stage 1 big

It’s a little bit messy around the base of the sail but other than that I think they look quite good at this stage. The sails are going to be interesting, I’ve got quite a choice for what colours to do them so I’ll probably end up doing each activation a different colour.

More to come…


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  1. After being able to take a gander on Sunday with the sails painted I have to say that I am very impressed for a first effort. These are way better than anything I was doing at this stage!

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