Look Who’s Behind Door Number 4

This may be posted after the event but I’d just like to extend a big 6 Inch Move welcome to the latest contributor to the site, nBreaker. As the rest of us on this site are somewhat veterans of pushing metal and plastic figurines around the tops of cleverly disguised dining room furniture our newest author should be able to bring a view of things that may escape us Longbeards. I am sure that I had thought up some highly amusing anecdotes with which to embellish this welcome, but, as with many things in life, I didn’t write them down and henceforth forgot. Trust me though, it was hilarious, just chuckle to yourself quietly and pretend I didn’t have a memory like a … wait… what am I doing again?

Oh, right!

So, welcome to the club nBreaker. Just watch out for Servitob’s dice rolling and things will be fine.