I don’t give a….

Saturday saw another Uncharted Seas event. This time hosted at the domicile of the erstwhile Servitob. We had a new player with his fledgling Dragon Lord fleet and another new player waiting for his own Orc flotilla that had to make do with my Human upstarts. The new Dragon Lords took on Servitob and his new Iron Dwarves in the first match with the new fleet. Servitob then proceeded to display the devil’s own luck with the volume of high rolls he made. Hopefully he will be along later to spin his own tale of hirsute midget derring-do.

I’ve got the new Skaven book for Warhammer which I may ink a review of once I’ve finished reading it, although now that Dragon Age has been released I’m running round acting like a Warlock which is 17 kinds of awesome and well over 9000!

In other news I have also found my favourite Internet icon ever. I present it to your here for your appreciation;


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