Here be Dragons

In a break from our normal scheduled tabletop antics I bring you news from the computer gaming world. As you may or may not know by now RPG powerhouse Bioware are gearing up for the release of the modern successor to their excellent Baldur’s Gate series. The new feature, called Dragon Age takes place in a typical fantasy world where you get to fight off hordes of evil doers. Now, while this may sound pretty run of the mill check out the videos on the site. Not only are they awesome in and of themselves but Bioware has a long history of creating games with excellent backstory to help you really immerse yourself as you play.

For the most part I missed out Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 on the PC, despite the fact that I own both of them. What really brought me around to their side was the Knights of the Old Republic games. I’ve played the first one through many times and did complete the second one, which, while good wasn’t the same calibre as the first. I’m also a huge fan of Mass Effect and have finished that three times to date, all are amazingly detailed in their stories and worlds so I look forward to seeing the next incarnation of their brilliance. I’m notoriously bad at finishing off single player campaigns in games so the fact I’ve finished the Bioware titles I played during my adult years says a lot to me about just how good they are. I’ve pre-ordered my copy so am hoping it arrives on the release date of November 6th, I am then anticipating locking myself away for the weekend to play it. I could go through all the details I know but you’d be better of checking out the site and making up your own mind.

Personally, I can’t wait!