Bone Griffons – Dead Whaling – Yarr This Blows!

Howdy.  So we’ve been playing some Uncharted Seas and I have had the pleasure of squaring off against the Bone Griffons.  Now I didn’t really mind the experience too much, but I don’t think the BGs are sustainable in their current form.  They really have the potential to wreck an otherwise very good game.  Why?  Not because they are overpowered, not because I like to /cry but because playing against them can be so boring.  It seems there is one tactic alone with these zombies.  Equip trebuchets, drop anchor and bomb your opponent.  Yawn.

As Paul McCartney sang in ‘The Frog Chorus’ – Bomb, bomb, bomb.  If you are feeling particularily feisty, maybe attempt a boarding action with your ridiculous numbers of crew.  So why is this boring I hear you cry?  Lobbing office blocks around sounds awesome, until you try playing against it.  Facing Bone Griffons you have but one option.  Frontal assault.  No cunning flanking manouvering.  No sneaky formations.  Just head on into the enemy.  Any other tactic is doomed.  Now if BG players actually equipped broadsides things would get a bit more exciting, but I can’t see that happening, especially in tournament play.  The anchor and shoot trebuchet tactic is far too easy.  We’ll keep fighting them though.  Sink or swim.  One thing is certain, we’ll never give in!

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  1. You might want to take a look at what is sitting on my modelling desk at the moment and I’m not talking about hot blondes that could wear a polo as a belt either…

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