No Flies On Us

A number of searches have been done over the blog recently for Space Hulk rules, either for specific weapons or just in general. While we may have reported in the game and slipped in a couple of the mechanics I’d just like to say that if anyone wants to know the proper rules then you’re going to have to go and buy a copy for yourselves. We’re not trying to covertly reveal all the rules over a period of time, but when it makes sense to mention them we will do. Games Workshop are pretty hot on protecting their Intellectual Property and I’m not risking getting into legal action by revealing too much or (as someone has searched for) hosting an online version of the rulebook.

So, if you’re interested in the game, then by all means keep reading. If you think we’re going to give you all the information to play the game, sorry to disappoint. We love our games here at 6 Inch Move and whole heartedly support the industry by purchasing the proper goods through proper channels.