Balderdash – Play To Lose

Ever played Balderdash?  We did yesterday, so I thought I’d give you some tactical advice…

It’s a good piece of fun, but ZombiePirateXXX and I always play with a twist…  Play to lose!  We play it quite a bit with friends and family, usually with 7-8 players.  The idea is to bluff and counterbluff your opponents to score points.  Well we stopped doing that a long time ago, and now spend our games trying to invent the most outlandish and hilarious bluffs and answers possible.  This inevitably results in ZombiePirateXXX and I rolling around the floor in stiches of laughter as we try to outdo each other.  Obviously we never score any points but we have the most fun by a long way.  Anyway, I think it’s starting to catch on, and all our regular gaming buddies are getting in on the action.  The game has almost become a side issue as everyone goes into inventive comedy writing overload…

Notable themes from last night include these bluffs:

George W Hancock was Albert Einstein’s flatmate who lived under the stairs and invented relativity, only to have Albert steal his ideas and make millions.

Bob Leach was an inventor who was a bit dull, so when he invented a new cleaning product simply named it B.Leach

The film ‘The Day The Fish Came Out’ was about a Canadian sea monster, fed up with attacking Tokyo, gets a job in the Zurich patent office and moonlights as a club DJ called MC Squared, only to have his name ripped off by his workmate Albert who made millions from it.

In Seattle a goldfish must not be put in a sealed envelope and sent to one of these ‘Cash for Gold’ companies – Goldfish aren’t made from gold people, everyone knows they are only gold plated.

And so on and so on for several hours until you are all crippled by excess mirth or you run out of Dr Pepper.