Space Hulk – Your Levis are Mine!

So, played some more Space Hulk versus ZombiePirateXXX today, Mission II – Exterminate.  It was the first time the ‘stealers have won in our multiple games and I think I learned a thing or two about how to get your claws and teeth into the meaty goodness underneath that terminator armour.

1)  Don’t allow your boys in blue to stroll towards a marine with a storm bolter on overwatch.  Duh.

2)  Pile on any close combat marines.  Yeah, they have loads of bonuses and those thunder hammers can give you a right headache, but eventually the marine will become distracted, flunk out and roll a one.

3)  Given the choice of rushing banzai style towards a storm bolter or assault cannon, go for the assault cannon.  They are prime gribbly mulchers, but there’s a good chance they won’t kill you all, run out of ammo, reload, then explode for your amusement.  Especially if you are playing against ZombiePirateXXX.