The Human Mind – A Complex System

I am unsure if there is a specific mindset or demographic of society that is particularly susceptible to the joys of wargaming, whether virtual or tabletop, pen & paper or with miniatures, but if others out there are anything like myself they enjoy a vivid and wild imagination that sometimes leads down paths one sincerely wishes it didn’t. As I see the fuits and byproducts of my waking mind I can only therefore guess at the horrors and sublevels that are the domain of my subconscious and this leads me on to my post for this morning. Here, I am going to try and transcribe a dream I had last night, stay put because it does follow a gaming theme.

I cannot remember exactly how the dream started, all I know is that I was playing a game of Fantasy (I’ve been looking at spell lores recently) and it was a siege battle if I am remembering correctly. I remember coming up with a plan and then starting the battle at which point the field changed and there were a load of other units and armies that appeared alongside the forces I had and the enemy multiplied too, we’re talking 10’s of 1000’s of points here with things changing as only they can in a dreamstate. Somehow, this then changed even further in that sudden stop/start that you get when you are asleep. Obviously, the further along the day I go the less and less I can actually remember of the specifics of what went on in that dream. I do remember enough though that I was a Space Marine Sergeant, yup, you read that right, I even had red armour, so I’m going to imagine I was representing the Blood Angels even though I don’t know for sure but with Space Hulk being prominent at the moment it seems the most plausible. At the start of this section of the dream (let’s face it, dreaming about being a Space Marine may be nerdy but it is quite cool) I was standing outside a vast wall of metal, similar to the fortress in the Black Templars codex, it was a dark colour not quite black and there were loads of other Marines and their vehicles stretching out trying to breach this wall.

I was there with a small squad (power armour not Terminator armour) and we were standing next to a small doorway and corridor that led further into the structure. This is where things get really hazy as I’d love to say that we charged in neutralizing all kinds of xenos scum, but I’m afraid I can’t say for sure, I know that we did go in and I distinctly remember walking down dimly lit corridors in very cramped spaces but, as with all cool dreams, it was at this point that I woke up with my alarm. Rudely reminded of the fact that I need to get up and ready for work rather than being able to slumber and enjoy the product of my subconscious.

Good fun nonetheless and eminently more sharable than some of the other dreams my brain conjures up…

2 thoughts on “The Human Mind – A Complex System”

  1. Lol, brillliant 🙂 Did you get to zap anything ?

    It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a decent dream like that. The best ever dream I had was as a kid when I had a x wing fighter and could hover outside my friends houses. It was a bit of a lucid one and it seemed very vivid.


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