Remembering the Victims of Real Combat

While this game is dedicated to the games that we play, most of them playing out battles of some kind, we should never forget the sacrifices nor the atrocities that come about through war. Although our hobby mimics these things in some way we are far removed from the consequences that real battles have upon the lives not only of the soldiers engaged in them, but on innocent bystanders and indigenous peoples who are the real losers of any armed conflict. Eight years ago today, the one event that kick started the current age of paranoia had just such an impact on a people wholly unprepared for an attack on home soil.

I refer of course to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the other attacks staged across the United States on this very day almost a decade ago.

There are many that criticise our hobby and say that it desensitizes us to the horrors of war. I do not agree and therefore, on this day, I offer my prayers of remembrance to those who lost their lives and to their families that live on today. War is not fun, nor glamorous it is unfortunately a reality of the world we live in.