Nurgle Daemons Poison Loren Forest – Story at 11

Following on from my recent escapades with the all Slaanesh army I knocked together an all Nurgle list.

I wasn’t expecting it but I managed to get in a game yesterday but this time the Vampires had been substituted for Wood Elves which had me a lot more worried. To kick off I’ll throw my army list down.

Great Unclean One: Level 3 Wizard, Staff of Nurgle and Noxious Vapours

Herald of Nurgle: Level 1 Wizard, Slime Trail, Noxious Vapours, Battle Standard Bearer, Standard of Sundering

Herald of Nurgle: Level 1 Wizard, Slime Trail, Noxious Vapours

16 Plaguebearers: Full Command with Icon of Virulence

15 Plaguebearers: Full Command with Icon of Virulence

15 Plaguebearers: Full Command with Icon of Virulence

Beast of Nurgle

Beast of Nurgle

Overall from looking at it on paper I was hoping that it would be tricky to kill. I only had two units with a Herald so knew the one that didn’t have Regeneration was going to bear the brunt of whatever was sent my way. This wasn’t built around a particular army to counter but thought that it would be a decent force to have a go with.

I ended up facing Wood Elves, who I already have a healthy respect for especially in the hand of my usual opponent. Hopefully the hard to kill Daemons would prove their worth.

I ended up winning the roll to go first and handed it to my opponent, I was wary about doing this but it would mean I’d get the last turn for capturing table quarters but I had to take my time to think if it was the right thing to do. The Wood Elves moved their cavalry forward as well as Wardancers, Dryads and one of the heroes, everything else got ready to shoot. I had picked the Lore of Athel Loren with my Standard of Sundering, so despite three casters they were all at -2 to cast (with the exception of the Treeman’s bound spell) and I had a whopping 6 dispel dice anyway. I think the Wood Elves got off one Tree Singing the whole game. Shooting picked of some of the Plaguebearers from the non heralded group.

I just moved everything forward and got a couple of Miasma of Pestilences on the Heralds, none of the Rancid Visitations (either cast by the GUO or his bound staff) went through. I was facing 3 dispel scrolls.

Second turn Wood Elf noble charged the Great Unclean One, more shooting thinned out the non herald squad and I lost some from the non-BSB herald unit. Turns out that this Noble had been geared out for killing Greater Daemons (or at least the Keeper I used the last time). he was Alter Kindred and had an Annoyance of Netlings so I’d only be hitting on 6’s. So, first round of combat I rolled two 6’s as my Noxious Vapours made him strike last, he had also declared a challenge which I accepted (puny elf thing). Two auto wounds from Poisoned Attacks and he failed one of his 3+ ward saves which meant the ward save was now gone (some magic item) and I knocked a wound down. My guy also took a wound so we drew the combat.

Over the next few turns I didn’t get anything magic off other than Miasma of Pestilence on the Heralds. my Plaguebearers got thinned although the unit with the non BSB Herald saw off  the Treeman. The Great Unclean One saw off the hero as well as a unit of Warhawk Riders. The Treeman killers got flank charged by Dryads after pursuing the Treeman and rear charged by Wardancers. Slime Trail paid for itself there. I got a rear charge with one of the Beasts into the Wardancers. The Dryads fled and the Wardancers were killed as they were surrounded with no way to run. In the next turn I failed to declare a charge on the Glade Guard with the survivors of that combat. Another unit of Plaguebearers (the non-Herald one) took charges from the Wild Riders and Glade Riders, leaving only the unit champ remaining, however, I did see off the Wild Riders and the Glade Riders died when the BSB unit charged them. I ran my other Beast into Waywatchers and proceeded to do no wounds and suffered one back from return attacks. By this time though a lot of the Elves were gone and I had only lost 1 Beast due to a bad instability roll.

We totted up the victory points after turn 6 and I had a Solid Victory, I had lost around half of the one Herald unit, nothing from the BSB unit, 1 Beast and 1 wound off the other, the third Plaguebearer unit was down to its Champion only and the Great Unclean One had 9 wounds left. I grabbed two table quarters too. Now, I can’t claim that this was all down to pure tactical genius. The Wood Elves found it hard to wound anything I had and I was passing more of the normal ward saves than I usually do (so in retrospect I probably hit averages) but backed up with the Herald giving the one unit regeneration is stuck it out amazingly well.

I’m not sure about the Staff of Nurgle as I spent a lot of time in combat and therefore it was useless, I may use those points elsewhere the next time. I have also yet to try and combined Gods army, but with another mono-God army working really well I had a lot of fun. I don’t consider Nurgle to be overpowered they did what I expected to do in terms of soaking up punishment and it was a good game even if the final result did make things look a little one sided.