GW Hosts Competition Shocker!

That’s right folks Games Workshop is holding a competition for all those people who have registered with their website as some kind of celebration that they have finally standardised their international web pages. Anyone that has a profile with their local store saved will be entered into winning a Battalion or Battleforce box of their choice from that store. Also, there are 3 global prizes that be can won by anyone registered on their site, although the 3rd prize does seem like it should be first, especially for those of us who are within easy travelling distance of Nottingham.

1st prize is an all expenses paid trip to GW HQ including a trip round the Design Studio and Warhammer World.

2nd prize is every single release from GW for the next 12 months, which certainly is a lot of stuff and should set you up with a couple of armies over the year.

3rd prize in a 5000pts Warhammer of 40k army of your choice.

For me personally I’d be wanting to win what’s behind door number 3 as my favourite with number 2 coming in second (sorry, pun not intended). I just wonder which army I’d pick if I were to win as that’s potentially a lot of stuff depending on what you pick. Kudos to whoever wins it if they say Skaven or something, that much plastic and metal would kill me, not to mention what would happen when all that stuff arrived and my wife saw it…

Now, anyone reading this please stare into the top of this thing that looks like a pen, you certainly don’t want to go registering on GW’s site to get a chance at these prizes!


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